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Occitan's automatic translator

  1. Automatic translation system
  2. Translation process
  3. Text translation
  4. Web pages translation
  5. Translate your web page

1. Automatic translation system

What can I use the Automatic Translator for?
The Automatic Translator of the Generalitat allows you to translate online short texts and web pages.

Can I use the output translation without revising it?
If it is to be published, no. Machine translation systems provide a draft quality translation, which must be revised by a professional translator if you want to achieve the same quality as in a professional translation.

Is it available for the different Catalan dialectal varieties?
No. The translator uses the standard Catalan variety.

What is the difference between Occitan and Aranese Occitan?
When you choose the option Occitan, the system prioritices the most general forms and structures of Occitan; when you choose the option Aranese Occitan it generates the ones specific to the Aranese variant.

Occitan and Aranese Occitan: when should either option be chosen?
It depends on the context. For example: if the text being translated is being sent to the Consell General d'Aran, it would be better to use the option Aranese Occitan but if you are sending it to Universitat de Montpeller, it would be preferable to choose Occitan. To translate text coming from the Institut d'Estudis Aranesos it is better to choose Aranese Occitan but if it is coming from the Migdia-Pirineus area it is better to choose Occitan.

Which technology does the occitan's translator use?
. For Catalan and Occitan, Catalan and Aranese Occitan, Spanish and Occitan and Spanish and Aranese Occitan the translator uses technology from the open-source machine translation platform Apertium (

2. Translation process

What are the red marks?
These are the words unknown to the system, which remain untranslated.

3. Text translation

Certain symbols are displayed incorrectly in the Text box.
Did you copy and paste them from another document? If you write directly the text in the Text box, you should not have any problems. The text in this box has to be ASCII, therefore you can have problems if you copy and paste from a text editor.

4. Web pages translation

In a web page translation, strange characters appear in the place where, in the original text, there were accented characters.
Yes, this is a problem the translator has with certain webs encoded in UTF-8. The word containing the accent is not identified and remains untranslated.

5. Translate your web page

I want my web translated into other languages. What do I have to do?
You have to go to the page Translate your web page and follow the instructions described there. Basically you have to copy the code given to the corresponding place in your web. For it to work properly, this process must be carried out by someone with basic knowledge on web pages programming.

I have followed the steps described in the page but it does not work.
This code only works for plain HTML pages and when it is copied in the correct place. If it doesn't work, ask an expert in web programming or in computer science.

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